Yves Macheret, designer of the Hublot light in his workshop. Right: alabaster and patinated bronze wall light from the Ghost (Entrelacs) collection. Félix Millory decoration – © Grégory Copitet.

Focus on the essence of the material

Yves and Paul Macheret created Entrelacs, a brand of light fixtures, backed by the Macheret Foundry. The company has been awarded the Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant label. Entrelacs designs, manufactures and publishes lighting fixtures based on the mastery of bronze. The raw materiality of the creations and the pure lines contribute to the timelessness of pieces. Here is the portrait of a French brand, permanently inscribed in the landscape of French lighting that will stand the test of time.

Above: alabaster and patinated bronze wall light from the Ghost (Entrelacs) collection. Félix Millory decoration – © Grégory Copitet.


At Maison&Objet, Entrelacs unveiled its new lighting fixtures, designed by Yves Macheret. In the previous collection, some of the pieces were designed by interior architect Félix Millory. The new collection is as simple as the brand’s other creations. In this respect, the new wall lights once again magnify bronze and alabaster, Entrelacs’ favourite materials. In their own way, the use of these mineral materials contributes to the very “brutalist” spirit of the brand.

Indeed, Entrelacs always uses raw materials in the simplest form possible. Bronze is barely polished and alabaster is just cut to become a lamp diffuser. The mineral transparency of the alabaster constantly catches the eye while the bronze glistens so beautifully you cannot help but want to touch it.

Lamps in alabaster and bronze – Nomadic Collection (Entrelacs). © Camille Gentil.



Entrelacs is a family story driven by a love of materials. Yves and Paul Macheret took over the paternal art foundry in 2015.

The latter was already known for his custom-made bronze pieces. The two brothers then created Entrelacs in order to contribute to the development of the foundry. The brand offers finished products made from bronze, built with the family know-how. The pieces of Entrelacs thus represent the “interlacing” of the foundry’s talents. Moulder, foundryman, chiseler, polisher… Each profession is involved in the production of an Entrelacs creation. Craftsmen and manufacturers, the Macherets also focus on the simplicity of shapes, in homage to the materials they are using.

Because the materials are minimally worked on in the process, the lamps are sold for affordable prices. Indeed, Entrelacs is one of the rare players in the French bronze lighting industry because they control all stages of a product, from design to manufacturing and sales.

With a growing French and foreign clientele, Entrelacs is rooted in the soil of family know-how.

Above left: alabaster and bronze table lamp – Narcisse Collection. Above right: mirror in alabaster and patinated bronze – Hublot Collection (Entrelacs). Camille Gentil.


«Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication »

Entrelacs places great importance on durability and sustainability and the brand is evolving its practices along with the rest of society.

The material worked in its simplest expression thus becomes a decorative effect in itself.

Each light is unique in its formal simplicity that one cannot tire of. Bronze and alabaster become in truth the only embellishments with a strong personality of durability and timelessness.

On the technical side, Entrelacs has embraced a spirit of practicality. The lights are equipped with LEDs that allows you to change the lighting levels and keep consumption low.

With the reuse of materials, these lights are contributing to the experience of time.

Enough to live at home, the original beauty of the earth at the sole sight of the material, brought to light.

Author Nicole Maion